Newbury Park, CA (July 24, 2007) – Pitching tents and roasting hot dogs over the fire isn’t everyone’s definition of a vacation.  A new phenomenon called “glamping,” or glamorous camping, is taking the world by storm. 

Glamping: (glam-ping) verb
1. to camp glamorously
2. to camp in style
3. to camp without leaving certain comforts behind:  John and I went glamping this weekend, equipped  with our silk-lined tent and personal chef.

Recently, the blogging community has been writing about glamping, originally started across the pond in England, but quickly becoming the latest camping phenomenon here in the United States.  Glamping celebrates the outdoors while enjoying all the comforts of home.  Companies are rolling out their red-carpet-worthy camping products to this new market segment, mostly comprised of women.  Tents, sleeping bags, folding chairs, and the like are being fashioned in fun, feminine, plush colors and materials.

Why stop at camping gear?  Camping food has seen a huge upgrade with portable grills, stovetops, and refrigeration, making way for gourmet offerings in less-luxurious settings.   Many glampers are taking things one step further and bringing along chefs to fulfill their every craving.

As the leader in all things travel-sized and individual-sized, maintains a large following of customers who are regular campers looking to lighten their loads with smaller sizes.  While die-hard campers may cringe at the thought of glamping, for those that are looking to sample the new phenomenon, has put together a Glamping Accessories Kit ( and Glamping Snacks Kit ( 

The Glamping Accessories Kit, which retails for $59.51, contains essential-oil-enriched shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, as well as sunscreen, bug spray, loofah, and more.  The Glamping Snacks Kit retails for $15.19 and contains flavored cheeses and crackers, organic peanut butter and almond butter, as well as coffee, tea, cappuccino mix, and much more. 

Have them delivered to your door with free ground shipping on domestic orders over $20.

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