Tips from to help increase your comfort and enjoyment on Obama’s big day

Newbury Park, CA (January 8, 2008) – To help you to relax, be comfortable, and enjoy Inauguration Day,, the leader in travel-sized items, has put together a top-ten list of must-have items to keep you warm, fed, clean, and entertained during the lengthy, cold day outdoors.

Inauguration Day 2009 – Top 10 Must-Have Items

  1. Thirty-seven degree weather is bad enough but what if it rains?  Umbrellas are a no-no even in a downpour so be prepared for cold, wet weather by bringing an Emergency Poncho ( 
  2. Only small snacks will be allowed once inside the gates so stock up on your favorite travel size snacks like Kar’s nuts and trail mixes ( for yourself and any little ones you have along with you.
  3. We all love our nice, expensive digital cameras but not when we can’t keep it protected inside a camera bag (especially if it rains) so guard yourself, and your investment, and bring a disposable camera ( to capture the day’s memories instead.
  4. Two words – portable restrooms.  It’s better to be safe rather than sorry so take some Charmin Toilet Seat Covers and Bathroom Tissue ( along, just in case.
  5. Bypass needing a thermos by stocking up with a few Java Juice Liquid Coffee Extracts (  In case of a caffeine emergency, you can get a quick jolt by drinking the concentrate straight from the packet.
  6. Thinking you’ll need some extra energy to stand for hours outdoors?  Choose from a selection of Nutrition Bars ( to keep you standing as long as needed.
  7. And to keep you occupied during those long wait times in line, grab a small travel-size game to slip out of your pocket and play like Sudoku Handheld Electronic Puzzle Game ( or The Original Pocket Farkel® Dice Game (
  8. Even though your diaper bag and stroller are required to stay home, no parent can forget to bring along the Wet Ones® Antibacterial Wipes ( or other wet wipe to handle the multitude of child emergencies that are sure to arise.
  9. Through rain, snow, sleet, or gloom…remember to use sunscreen ( to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays (whether they are visible or not) while spending hours outside.
  10. Hand sanitizer ( – remember the snacks, outdoor messes, and portable restrooms?  Need I say more?


As an extra bonus, remember that since all these items are available at in conveniently small travel-sizes, you can fit it all inside a small bag or purse and not even worry about the ban on backpacks and suitcases.  Get your inauguration necessities today while there’s still time at  Free domestic ground shipping for all orders over $20.00.

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