PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Organic Salad Dressing Sampler

EAT ORGANIC EVEN WHILE DINING OUT Launches the New Organic Take-Out Salad Dressing Sampler

Newbury Park, CA (January 26, 2009) – Dining out can present a serious challenge for many people who choose to eat organically whenever possible.  It is for those people that ( designed their newest kit, the Organic Take-Out Salad Dressing Sampler (

While a large number grocery stores and markets have responded to the growing trend surrounding all-natural and organically grown foods, many restaurants and eateries seem to be lagging far behind, making it difficult for those who desire organic foods to enjoy a night dining out. 

The Organic Take-Out Salad Dressing Sampler helps you to keep your commitment to eating organically whether you’re dining out with friends or sitting at your desk for lunch.  This great kit features individual sized packets of organic salad dressing in eleven different flavors and packed inside a fun Chinese style take-out box. You get two packets of each flavor including Ranch, Balsamic Vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sesame Ginger, French, Red Pepper Vinaigrette, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard, Caesar, and Goddess dressings and can be purchased for $18.15 by visiting

Stop by to purchase the Organic Take-Out Salad Dressing Sampler and start eating out with your friends again.

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