Newbury Park, CA (July 19, 2007) – On a sunny summer afternoon, three teachers on summer break from the Dr. Albert Schweitzer Elementary School in Anaheim, California, arrived at the warehouse of to personally deliver 34 handmade quilts to be mailed off to wounded soldiers in Iraq as part of’ work with the Blankets of Hope program, started by the national non-profit organization Soldiers’ Angels. 

Lori Diaz, a teacher at the elementary school, spearheaded the program in her classroom, but it caught on like wildfire.  Not a single person was left out from making their mark on the blankets.  Every staff member, aide, kitchen worker, custodian, PTA member, and even the principal joined in the support efforts.

The Blankets of Hope program was created to provide love, warmth, and show our wounded stationed abroad that the people back home really care.  Blankets from around the country pour into’ warehouse, a company focused on all things travel sized.  In their work with travel sizes, they have partnered with the non-profit Soldiers’ Angels for the large demands of travel sizes by troops in Iraq.  That relationship has grown to include various fulfillment projects for the non-profit where Minimus performs the packaging and shipping of donated items to the troops.

Whether volunteers knit, sew, crochet, quilt, or decorate a pre-made blanket, the program asks that they “Roll each one, tie with a ribbon, and tag with a note: ‘Made with love and hope for your recovery by (sender’s name) from Soldiers’ Angels.’”  Each of the blankets from Schweitzer Elementary School comes with a letter with the story of the blanket, and includes a winning essay from the Flag Day Essay Contest written by fifth-grader Rosemary.

The hard work of those at Schweitzer Elementary School and other volunteers does not go unnoticed.  Soldiers’ Angels receives thank-you notes and emails from soldiers and family of soldiers.  One note reads, “When his parents arrived, the first thing he showed them was his Purple Heart, the second was his Blanket of Hope from Soldiers’ Angels!  I cannot tell you the emotional thank you we received from this young soldier’s mother!”  An ICU nurse wrote “’This is a great program, and I know it takes a lot of work to make all of the blankets, but they are truly appreciated. We make sure all of our patients leave the ICU for Germany wrapped up in one of these special blankets from home.’” 

Schweitzer Elementary School is continuing their patriotic spirit and has plans to write and send thank you notes to troops in time for Veteran’s Day.

About Dr. Albert Schweitzer Elementary School:
Dr. Albert Schweitzer Elementary School is a dedicated community of staff, parents, and students working towards a shared vision.  They are committed to the development of the whole child by advancing intellectual development, instilling a sense of responsibility, encouraging the spirit of cooperation, promoting a healthy lifestyle and cultivating the legacy of Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s compassion for humanity and all living things.

About Soldiers’ Angels:
Soldiers’ Angles is a non-profit military support group founded in June 2003 to provide aide and comfort to any of the armed forces and their families.  With the generous donations of thousands of Americans, they have sent hundreds of thousands of care packages to deployed soldiers, helping the wounded at most military hospitals and aiding military families in need. 

About is the world leader in all things travel-sized and individual-sized with over 1,000 products in stock.  The website comprises a variety of categories of travel size and trial size items, many of which are not available for retail sale anywhere else.  Additionally, Minimus works with many major corporations and non-profits through its wholesale and fulfillment divisions. 


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Soldiers’ Angels - Founder
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