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AMINIties Fragrance Free Shave Cream C04-0132501-8100-1.0 fl oz bottle.
Curel Daily Moisture Original Lotion C02-0353406-8200 - 1 oz lotion in travel size plastic tube. For dry skin. Time-released formula for all-day relief.
DawnMist Hair Conditioner C03-0217501-8200 - 2 fl oz hair conditioner in travel size plastic bottle. Moisture rich balanced formula.
Do Good - Inflatable Neck Pillow - Pink/Light pink ribbon T03-0371001-9005
Do Good - Reflexology Socks - Brown T03-0271001-9002
Do Good - Sleeping Mask - Pink/Light Pink Trim T03-0171001-9005
Do Good Airline Headphone Multi Adapter T03-0571002-9000
Do Good Flight Essentials - Brown T03-0671001-9002
Do Good Flight Essentials - Pink T03-0671001-9005
Do Good In Flight Audio Set T03-0571011-9000
Do Good JetSet In-flight Travel Kit - Brown/Gold Trim T03-0871001-9002
Do Good Junior JetSet Travel Backpack - Blue/Blue Trim T03-0771002-9033
Do Good Junior JetSet Travel Backpack - Blue/Green Trim T03-0771002-9036
Dove Body Wash Go Fresh Cool Moisture 3 oz C02-0715602-8300 - 3.0 fl oz travel size body wash in plastic bottle.
Peanut Butter & Co Smooth Operator Squeeze Pack (.7 oz) F06-0139401-1100 - 0.7 oz squeeze packet.
Sanell Hand Sanitizer - 1 oz C02-0343701-8200 - 1 oz hand sanitizer in travel size plastic bottle. Kills 99.99% of Germs.
Second Nature® Wholesome Medley F30-3287205-4300-2.25 oz. package of sweet & savory, with gently roasted nuts, dried fruits and dark chocolate.
Tylenol® Sinus Severe For Adults, P01-0110108-1000