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Curel Daily Moisture Original Lotion C02-0353406-8200 - 1 oz lotion in travel size plastic tube. For dry skin. Time-released formula for all-day relief.
DawnMist Hair Conditioner C03-0217501-8200 - 2 fl oz hair conditioner in travel size plastic bottle. Moisture rich balanced formula.
AMINIties Fragrance Free Shave Cream C04-0132501-8100-1.0 fl oz bottle.
Kraft Mayonnaise F01-0400300-1100 - 7/16 oz mayonnaise packet, individual size.
Hero Bitter Orange Marmalade (cup) F04-0044707-0100
Tasters Choice Freeze Dried Coffee (red packet) F20-1217702-1300 - 0.059 oz 100% freeze dried coffee in individually sealed packet. Just add 6 fl oz of hot water. A convenient travel size for on the go.
Dick & Jane Educational Snacks States & Capitals, F32-3935604-8100
Dick & Jane Educational Snacks Presidents, F32-3935605-8100
Tylenol® Sinus Severe For Adults, P01-0110108-1000
Dynarex® Vitamins A & D ointment P02-0141101-1000
Do Good - Inflatable Neck Pillow - Pink/Light pink ribbon T03-0371001-9005
Do Good In Flight Audio Set T03-0571011-9000
Do Good Flight Essentials - Pink T03-0671001-9005
Do Good JetSet In-flight Travel Kit - Brown/Gold Trim T03-0871001-9002
Naturopatch of Vermont Aromatherapy Body Patch - Energy V03-0365102-1400
Naturopatch of Vermont Aromatherapy Body Patch - Aid for Focus V03-0365103-1400
Naturopatch of Vermont Aromatherapy Body Patch - Muscle & Joint Comfort Formula V03-0365104-1400
Naturopatch of Vermont Aromatherapy Body Patch - Relief fom Menopause and PMS Discomfort V03-0365107-1400
Natural Patches of Vermont Aromatherapy Body Patch - Soothing Itch & Skin Irritation Formula - Tea Tree, V03-0365108-1400, Single patch in sealed travel size package. Natural Patches are the original all natural aromatherapy body patch with the topical be