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Wowbutter® Soy Nut Butter, F06-0146701-2200
Sunbutter Creamy Sunflower Seed Spread cup F06-0164501-0100-1.1 oz. cup of creamy, peanut free Sunflower Seed Spread.
Mrs. Miller's Homemade Peanut Butter Spread F06-0170301-3200 - 1.5 oz home made peanut butter spread in glass jar. A convenient travel size for on the go.
Jif® Creamy Peanut Butter Cup F06-0184900-2200-1.1 oz travel size cup. Gluten Free.
Diamond Crystal Peanut Butter (.5 oz pouch) F06-0188901-1000-single serving size pouch of peanut butter.
Diamond Crystal Peanut Butter (0.75 oz pouch) F06-0188901-1200
Smucker's Apple Butter F06-0204901-2100 - 0.5 oz cups.
Mrs. Miller's Homemade Apple Butter F06-0270301-3200 -1.5 oz home made apple butter in glass jar. A convenient travel size for on the go.
Nutella Hazelnut Spread .52 oz F06-0342901-3000 - 0.52 oz individual size cup.
Nutella & Go! F06-0342902-8100-1.8 oz Nutella® & Go in individually sealed plastic container.
Nutella & Go Hazelnut Spread & Pretzel Sticks F06-0342903-8100-1.9 oz. individually sealed plastic container.
GoGo Dipperz™ Traditional Hummus Cup F06-0488501-2300
Season Brand Caviar - Black Capelin (Iceland) F06-1367701-3400 - 2 oz Black Capelin caviar in glass jar. Wild caught. Imported from Iceland. A convenient travel size for on the go or making gift baskets.
Splenda® No Calorie Sweetener Sticks, F08-0207300-1200
Late July® Clasico Tortilla Chips Nacho Chipotle, F09-0135102-8200
Late July ® Clasico Tortilla Chips Buffalo Queso, F09-0135103-8200
Late July® Clasico Tortilla Chips Jalapeno Lime, F09-0135104-8200
Late July® Clasico Tortilla Chips Bacon Habanero, F09-0135105-8200
Back to Nature Crispy Cheddar Crackers F09-0135401-9100 - 1 oz. package.
Appleways Cheddar Cheese Crispy Cracker F09-0137401-8100
Sonoma Creamery Everything Cheddar Crisp Bars F09-0144601-8100
Sonoma Creamery Bacon Cheddar Cheese Crisp Bars F09-0144602-8100
Sonoma Creamery Savory Seed Cheese Crisp Bars F09-0144603-8100
Crave-N-Rave® Spikerz Bite Size Crackers - El Nacho Cheese F09-0185401-8100-0.9 oz. pouch Bite Size Crackers. El Nacho Cheese flavor. 100 Calorie Pack. Whole Grain Rich. What was once bland is now Amazing!
Idahoan Microwavable Buttery Homestye Mashed Potato Cup, F10-0189003-6200