Shaving & Beard Care

Selections of travel sized shaving cream, razors, aftershave and beard care necessities.

Say no to stubble with our selection of travel size shaving products! Stay smooth with travel sized razors and travel sized containers of shaving cream and shave gel. Bring a travel size bottle of after shave to splash on when you're done and you'll stay looking spiffy no matter how long you've been on the road. If facial hair is your thing, keep your beard and moustache looking sharp with travel size beard and mustache care.
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Generic Twin Blade Razor (not bagged) C04-0259901-8100 - 1 travel size twin blade disposable razor for shaving. Protective cap over razor.
Generic Twin Blade Razor (bagged) C04-0259902-8100 - 1 travel size twin blade disposable razor for shaving
Generic Triple Blade Razor with Lubricating Strip (not bagged) C04-0259904-8100
Clubman Styptic Pencil C04-0346501-9100 - 0.33 oz travel size styptic pencil in plastic case. Ideal for razor nicks & minor cuts. Stops bleeding fast. Sting free.
Freshscent Alcohol-free After Shave C04-0414901-8200 - 2 oz travel size plastic bottle. Alcohol free aftershave.
DawnMist After Shave Lotion 1 oz C04-0417504-8100 - 1 fl oz after shave lotion in travel size plastic bottle.
Gillette Series after shave lotion C04-0418001-8500 - 2.5 oz after shave lotion for sensitive skin in plastic travel size bottle. Moisturizes and hydrates.
Nivea® Men Original Replenishing Post Shave Balm, C04-0456301-8300
Challenge After Shave Lotion C04-0465701-8100 - 1 fl oz travel size after shave lotion in plastic bottle.
Badger® Navigator Class Man Care Pre-Shave Oil C04-0470701-8400-2 fl oz. glass bottle of pre-shave oil for men. Good Grooming for Adventurous Gents.