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Practice portion control with individual sizes of snacks. Single serving bags of snacks make great additions to lunches. Find single serve bags of chips, pretzels, cookies, and crackers. You can pick up packs of gum, candy, nuts, and raisins. Kids and adults enjoy munching on popcorn, snack mixes, and trail mixes - and our individual size bags make it easy whether at home or on the go.
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General Mills Fruity Cheerios Cereal Bar F30-4109207-8200 - 1.42 oz cereal bar in individually sealed package.
General Mills® Honey Nut Cheerios Milk 'n Cereal Bar F30-4109201-8100
General Mills Team Cheerios Strawberry Cereal Bar F30-4109204-8200 - 1.42 oz cereal bar in individually sealed package.
General Mills Trix Cereal Bar F30-4109206-8200 - 1.42 oz cereal bar in individually sealed wrapper.
Harry Potter™ Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans 1.2 oz Box - F51-4546038-4200 - 1.2 oz. package of assorted jelly beans.
J&M Key Lime [mini] Cookies F32-4068801-8200
Jack Links®  Premium Cuts Beef Jerky - Teriyaki F30-3642212-8200-.625 oz.slow cooked with authentic teriyaki marinade. 50 calories. 97% Fat free.
Jack Links® AM original pork breakfast sausage, F30-3642221-8200, 1.4 oz twin pack breakfast sausage. Fully cooked and ready to eat.
Jack Links® Original Beef Stick 0.5 oz, F30-3642202-8100, 0.5 oz travel size original beef stick in peel open package.
Jack Links® Premium Cuts Beef Jerky - Original Copy F30-3642211-8200-COPY
Jack Links® Original Turkey & Cheese Snack Stick, F30-3642232-8200, 1.2 oz turkey snack stick & cheese. Peel open single serve package.
Jack Links Original Beef Stick F30-3642201-8200-.625 oz original slow cooked and mesquite smoked beef Jerky. 97% fat free. 50 calories.
Jelly Belly® Assorted 1 oz. F51-4546001-1200 - 1 oz. packet of jelly beans.
Jelly Belly® Assorted Flavors - 0.35 oz F51-4546001-1100
Jelly Belly® Assorted Flavors - 1 oz F51-4546001-1300
Jelly Belly® Disney Princess Bag F51-4546030-1200-1 oz. Disney packet of assorted jelly beans
Jelly Belly® Kids Mix 1 oz. F51-4546002-1200 - 1 oz. packet of assorted jelly beans.
Jelly Belly® Krispy Kreme Doughnuts® 1 oz, F51-4546006-1200
Jelly Belly® Sport Beans® - Berry flavor F51-4546026-1300
Jelly Belly® Sport Beans® - Cherry flavor F51-4546022-1300
Jelly Belly® Sport Beans® - Fruit Punch flavor F51-4546024-1300
Jelly Belly® Sport Beans® - Lemon Lime flavor F51-4546027-1300
Jelly Belly® Sport Beans® - Orange flavor F51-4546025-1300
Jelly Belly® Sport Beans® - Watermelon flavor F51-4546023-1300
Jelly Belly® Sport Beans® Assorted Flavors F51-4546021-1300