Travel Size Soap

Available in bars, bottles, packets, sheets... hotel size soap.

Browse through a variety of travel size bar soap, travel size liquid hand soap, and more. You will find anything from popular items like travel size Dial soap, to 1 oz Dove soap bars, to any sort of hotel size soap bar or travel soaps that you can think of. And, if you don't see something you want, be sure to let our customer service team know!

Product Details Qty.  
Pierre F ProBiotic Skin Care Energizing Facial Scrub BC2-0189401-1400-0.75 fl oz. packet. Vitamin B & Acai Berry.
Dial® White Marble Deodorant Bar Soap C02-0114001-8200-13 gram travel size bar.
Dial® Gold Hand Soap with Moisturizers - 2 oz, C02-0114004-8200 - 2 fl oz liquid soap in travel size plastic bottle.
Tone Skin Care Bar with cocoa butter C02-0114006-8400 - 27 g. travel size soap bar. Wrapped.
Dial Basics Complexion Bar White Marble C02-0114007-8200 - No. 3/4 Nourishing soap bar. Hypoallergenic.
Dial® Restore Daily Care Spa Body Bar C02-0114020-8200-1.25 oz. individually wrapped body bar.
Dial® Restore Daily Care Spa Skin Care Bar C02-0114021-8200-1.25 oz. individually wrapped complexion soap bar.
Freshscent™  Deodorant Soap #1/2 0.35oz C02-0114301-8100 - 0.35 oz travel size bar soap.
Freshscent Bar Soap 3/4 C02-0114302-8200-0.5 oz bar of soap. Individually packaged.
Dove Beauty Bar - White C02-0115601-8400 - 2.6 oz travel size soap.
DawnMist Lotion Soap C02-0117501-8200 - 2 fl oz lotion soap in travel size plastic bottle. Gentle cleansing. pH balanced. Moisturizing.
DawnMist® Facial & Body Bar Soap #1/2 C02-0117502-8100
DawnMist® Facial & Body Bar Soap #1 C02-0117503-8200
DawnMist® Handwashing Soap - Facial & Body Soap #3 Copy C02-01175
The Grandpa Soap Co. Epsom Salt Deep Cleanse Bar Soap C02-0168106-8200
The Grandpa Soap Co. Charcoal Detoxify Bar Soap C02-0168108-8200 - 1.35 oz. individually wrapped all natural bar soap.
Kirk's™ Odor Neutralizing Hand Wash - Fragrance Free C02-0168201-3100
Kirk's™ Gentle Castile Soap - Fragrance Free C02-0168201-8100
South of France French Milled Bar Soap - Shea Butter C02-0168301-8100
South of France French Milled Bar Soap -  Lemon Verbena C02-0168302-8100
South of France French Milled Bar Soap -   Lavender Fields C02-0168303-8100
Dial® Res-1 fl. oz. travel size bottle of body wash.
Softsoap Body Wash Juicy Pomegranate & Mango C02-0783202-8200 - 2 fl. oz. moisturizing body wash in travel size plastic bottle.
Clean & Fresh Kit K01-0489936-8000