Emergency Supplies

Stock up on travel size survival gear for emergency preparedness

Be prepared with travel size survival supplies. Stock your home, office, and car with a emergency gear such as emergency blankets, ponchos, flashlights, light sticks, and water purifying tablets. We also carry shelf stable meals that are great for emergency and disaster relief planning.
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Bridgford Honey BBQ Beef Pocket Sandwich F10-0539104-8200 - 3.5 oz Shelf Stable Honey BBQ Beef Pocket Sandwich.
Bridgford Honey BBQ Chicken Pocket Sandwich F10-0539105-8200 - 3.5 oz Shelf Stable Honey BBQ Chicken Pocket Sandwich.
Bridgford Italian Style Pocket Sandwich F10-0539108-8200 - 3.5 oz Shelf Stable Sandwich.
Bridgford® Pepperoni Pizza with Cheese & Sauce, F10-0539112-8200
Bridgford Filled French Toast F10-0539121-8200 - 3.5 oz Shelf Stable Filled French Toast
Bridgford Cinnamon Bun F10-0539124-8200 - 3.5 oz Shelf Stable Cinnamon Bun.
Bridgford Apple Turnover F10-0539131-8200 - 3.1 oz Shelf Stable Apple Turnover.
Bridgford Cherry Turnover F10-0539132-8200 - 3.1 oz Shelf Stable Cherry Turnover.
Bridgford White Plain Bread F10-0539152-8200 - 3.5 oz Shelf Stable Flat Bread.
Bridgford Whole Wheat Bread F10-0539153-8200 - 3.5 oz Shelf Stable Bread.
Super Glue Mini Tube H01-0239601-8100 - 0.5 gram mini tube
Stubby Screwdriver Keychain - Slotted H03-0159901-8100-A single stubby, slotted screwdriver on a keychain.
Brass Wire Brush H10-0459901-8100-A single Brass Wire Brush.
Charmin To Go Toilet Seat Covers J01-0223101-8200 - 5 seat covers in travel size plastic purse pack. Quick, easy and safe protection when away from home.
Cotton Buds Toilet Tissue To Go J01-0255502-8200 75 sheet 2-Ply roll in travel size plastic pull-out dispenser.
Mini Roll Duct Tape (2 roll pack) J01-0730901-8200
Emergency Food Kit - 2 Days, K01-0359907-5100
School Emergency Kit K01-0489951-2100 - Ensure your children have the necessities they need in case of an emergency during the school day.
Waterproof Match Storage Box - 3 in 1 function waterproof match storage box.
Multipurpose Pocket Survival Tool - 11-in-1 L30-1159901-8100-A single Multipurpose Pocket Survival Tool. Has Key Ring Hole.
Paracord Bracelet - 8 inch L30-1572501-8100-A single 8 inch Paracord Bracelet.
Dukal Alcohol Prep Pad P03-0183501-8000-1 sterile alcohol prep pad in an individually sealed travel size package.
Dukal Sting Relief Pad P03-0183511-8000-1 sting relief pad in pouch.
Dukal Instant Cold Pack, P05-0283501-8100
Magnet Disc, 2 set R30-0459901-9100-Powerful disc magnets. 3/4" diameter.