Survival Kits

Be prepared for any emergency with travel size survival kits

Our travel size survival kits come pre-filled with food and supplies. Choose from a variety of kits, including medical, first aid, and survivalist. Or order bulk quantities of toiletries with one of our "Packing Party" kits that come with all you need to pack hundreds of kits - great for disaster relief or shelter support.
Product Details Qty.  
Cold & Flu Care Package K01-0309901-9200 - Provide comfort for sick friends and family who are far away.
Bug-Out Survivalist Kit K01-0359906-1100
Emergency Food Kit - 2 Days, K01-0359907-5100
Festival Survival Kit K01-0359908-2100
Flu Safety Kit K01-0459936-2101
Flu Safety Wipes Kit K01-0459937-2101
Traveler Med Kit K01-0489907-9000
Adventurer Medical Kit K01-0489908-9000 - Campers, backpackers, boaters, RVers, and outdoor adventurers know, having a good supply of small lightweight essentials is a must.
Toiletry Kit Packing Party - Small Set K01-0489971-9010 - Bulk quantity of 6 travel size products with a drawstring plastic bag  to support a "packing party."
Toiletry Kit Packing Party Set
Covfefe Kit K01-1059959-9100
Travel First Aid Kit K02-0572501-8200
aMINIties First Aid Kit - Basic K02-0732503-8200 - 6 different products (20 items total) in reclosable plastic bag.