A variety of travel sized toothbrushes from name-brand to generic.

Don't be that guy who forgets his toothbrush! Choose from our wide variety of travel sized toothbrushes from name-brand to generic. We carry toothbrushes for kids and adults, both full sized toothbrushes and mini toothbrushes.
Product Details Qty.  
Colgate Toothbrush C01-0414201-0000 - Full size toothbrush in sealed plastic wrap. Full head with soft bristles.
Colgate® Travel Toothbrush C01-0414210-8100-On-the-Go Toothbrush for your travel, sports and work needs.
Colgate® Wisp® Optic White Coolmint 4 pack C01-0414254-0004-4 pack of mini toothbrushes in resealable pack.
Freshmint Adult Rubber Handle Toothbrush, C01-0414300-0000
Freshmint® Pediatric Toothbrush C01-0414301-0000-1 pediatric toothbrush. Individually wrapped. Made with soft nylon bristles.
Crest® Scope® Minibrush -  2 pack C01-0414502-0002 - 2 mini toothbrushes in a reclosable pack.
Maximum Security Toothbrush (thumbprint handle), C01-0459908-0000
Oral-B® Healthy Clean Toothbrush - Soft, C01-0416301-0000
Oraline Kid's Toothbrush C01-0428401-0000 - 1 travel size toothbrush in cellophane wrapper. Assorted colors.
Generic Pre-Pasted Disposable Toothbrush, C01-0428410-1000
OraBrite® Kids Pre-Pasted Disposable Toothbrush - Bubblegum flavor, C01-0428411-1000
Bamboo Pre-Pasted Toothbrush C01-0428413-1000
Generic 28 Tuft Toothbrush C01-0459904-0000 - Toothbrush in cellophane wrapper.
Generic 30 Tuft Toothbrush C01-0459904-1000 - Single toothbrush in cellophane wrapper.
Generic Travel Toothbrush C01-0459905-0000 - 2 piece travel size toothbrush. Plastic storage container doubles as handle extension.
Generic High Visibility Orange 30 Tuft Toothbrush - 4" C01-0459907-1000 - Color 4 " toothbrush
Maximum Security Toothbrush (thumbprint handle), C01-0459908-0000
Generic 2-Piece Travel Toothbrush, C01-0459910-9000
Fresh-Tips® Peppermint C01-0467601-9000-1 Disposable Toothbrush individually wrapped. Peppermint Flavored.
Fresh-Tips® Bubble Gum C01-0467602-9000-1 Disposable Toothbrush individually wrapped. Bubblegum Flavor.