Travel-Size Gift Sets

Looking for 20 or more travel-size gift sets? We offer custom kit creation services for bulk orders with a low minimum purchase of only 20 kits and $250. Visit our Special Services page for more information.

Product Details Qty.  
Avid Traveler Essentials Gift Set K01-0159903-2100 - A great gift for that avid traveler
The Carry-On Caddy™ - Male  K01-0159911-5200
The Carry-On Caddy™ - Female  K01-0159911-5300
Cruise Readiness Kit K01-0159917-2100 - Get ready to sail away, with the Cruise Readiness Kit.
Beyond the Buffet - Food K01-0159919-5100 - Bag including 20 different food products (39 total)
The Bachelor Guy - Road Trip Kit K01-0180101-2100
The Bachelor Guy - Ultimate Road Trip Kit K01-0180102-2100
Sports Aid Kit K01-0259903-5100
Entertainment Eats Snack Pack for 2, K01-0359925-1520
Welcome Home New Mommy K01-0459904-2300
The New Pampered Mommy K01-0459908-2300
Mommy's Hospital Overnight Bag K01-0459912-5300
Daddy's Hospital Overnight Bag Deluxe K01-0459914-5200 - Everything a new daddy needs for his stay at the hospital with mom packed inside a convenient men's toiletry bag.
Spa Treatment on the Go - Black K01-0459921-5301
Spa Treatment on the Go - Blue K01-0459921-5303
Eau de Parfum #1 K01-0459941-6300
Eau de Parfum #2 K01-0459942-6300
Eau de Parfum #3 K01-0459943-6300
Eau de Parfum Sprays K01-0459944-6300
Eau de Toilette Pour Homme #1 K01-0459951-6200
Eau de Toilette Pour Homme #2 K01-0459952-6200
Cologne Pour Homme #1 K01-0459955-6200 - 3 travel size colognes in a plastic container
Natural Patches Aromatherapy Patch Sampler, K01-0489911-5100
Hole-in-One Golf Accessories Kit K01-0489913-9000
Out Of Towner Welcome Snacks K01-0489914-9000