By Paul Shrater
July 1, 2007

The natural and organic phenomenon that has been building in the food industry has finally taken hold of the personal care industry.  Travelers, campers, and others who look to travel sizes as a regularly shopped item, have been looking for items to fit the bill. 

The first companies to answer the call have been the small manufacturers.  They’ve already been entrenched in making the items, and now they have new attention being focused on them so their products are becoming more readily available to the average consumer.  The big companies have begun to follow suit with new natural and organic offerings, and it will only grow from there. 

Q: What qualifies a toiletry item as “natural” or “organic?”

A: It is interesting to note that while food items are regulated and must obtain special certification to claim to be natural or organic, the personal care / cosmetics industry has no such regulation.  Thus, for now, it is up to the consumer to have a strong knowledge of the product ingredients, the company reputations, and follow any watchdog groups to determine which items are truly natural or organic.

Here, we’ll highlight some of the more interesting travel-sized natural and organic themed items:  

  1. Pharmacopia® Body Wash, Body Lotion, and Hand Cream

Their travel sizes come in neat single-use “pillow packs” and in attractive 2oz bottles.  They have some great varieties including Lavender, Citrus, and Rosemary.  The items are all paraben-free, vegan, and have no synthetic fragrance.

  1. SweetSpot Labs® On-the-Go Wipettes

The SweetSpot Labs company has developed individual packets of feminine hygiene wipes in classy packaging, offering varieties of botanicals and essential oils in interesting combinations: Basil-Grapegruit, Geranium-Lavender, and Citrus-Galbanum.  The items are alcohol-free and biodegradable.

  1. Naturopatch® of Vermont Aromatherapy Body Patch

I never knew such a thing existed until I saw it, but the people at Naturopatch of Vermont have developed a line of aromatherapy body patches designed around different purposes.  Some of the ones that are great for travelers include: Relief from Stress (Bergamot), Energy (Citrus Fusion), Relief from Aches and Pains (Arnica), Sleep Aid (Lavender, Chamomile, Jasmine). 

  1. Earth Solutions® Aromatherapy Scent Inhalers

Aromatherapy has become extremely popular – scents that can help affect your mood and your body.  With creative fun packaging and helpful hints on their usage, Earth Solutions has a line of scent inhalers that look a little like lip balm tubes but offer a variety of scents themed around different usages.  Some of the ones helpful for travelers include: Stay Alert (Peppermint, Rosemary, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus), Insomnia Relief (Lavender, Vetiver, Rosemary, Chamomile),  and Lucid Dreams (Clove, Mugwort, Anise, Clary Sage).

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Paul Shrater is the Co-Founder of Minimus.biz, the world leader in all things travel-sized and individual-sized.  All of the featured products, and more, are available at the Minimus website.