By Paul Shrater
September 1, 2007

There have been a lot of new travel size products hitting the market in the wake of the TSA 3-1-1 regulations for carry-ons, as well as the trend of more things being portable and “on-the-go.”  Nine nifty new notables:

1. Q-Tips® Cotton Swabs Purse Pack

Unilever recently re-released their small hard plastic travel size of their famous Q-Tips brand.  While not much is new (the new design has a rounded top), the packaging is terrific for taking items that you want to keep as sanitary as possible while traveling.

2. Individual Medicine Packets (the pseudo ephedrine phenomenon)

I’m not sure if you noticed it, but for awhile recently, many of your favorite cold medicines moved from regular shelves to behind the counter.  This was due to new enforcement of regulations by the DEA of pseudo ephedrine, which is used in the production of the illegal drug crystal meth.  As a result, drug companies have re-released most medicines with formulations that are free of pseudo ephedrine, including the individual dose medicine packets.

3. Pure Silk® Moisturizing Shave Cream for Women – Raspberry Mist

Women’s shave cream is hard to find in travel size.  Many of the men’s brands are available, but it is harder to find a brand for women.  The people at Perio, the makers of the famed Barbasol brand, recently re-branded their female shave cream line under the name “Pure Silk.”  It is currently available in travel size with a raspberry scent.



Q: What is the strangest product to appear in travel size?

A: While there are a bunch, I’d have to say that it would be the GearAid Mini Roll Duct Tape.  People seem to use it for all sorts of things: multiple uses while camping, or taping up damaged luggage, but especially for taping up extra boxes filled with gifts for family and friends that get checked in on a flight.

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4. Candy Wipes™

This is a fascinating conversation piece that is being manufactured in China and brought to the U.S.  A small cotton disc, the size of a few stacked nickels, expands to be a full hand towel when it comes in contact with water.  Not only can you amaze your friends at the dinner table, but it actually makes a great compact wipe.

5. all® small & mighty stainlifter™

Stains while traveling can be a nightmare.  The popular detergent brand “All” has released a travel size of their new stainlifter product.  This is a great addition to the marketplace of stain related travel size items (the other notable product being the Shout® Portable Wipes).

6. Pure Touch® Tush Wipes®

People with babies know that the last thing you want is to be caught without wipes while away from your home.  The individual Tush Wipe is a great product that is individually sealed and compact such that several can be tossed into a baby bag.  While one may use a major-brand portable wipe carrier for everyday travel, these are great for emergency backup locations such as a purse or glove compartment. 

7. WD-40® No Mess Pen™

WD-40 is one of those all-purpose items that it is hard to be without.  It now comes in a handy pen-size version.  It is great for lubricating squeaky doors, fishing and hunting gear, removing crayon marks and shoe scuff marks, and a variety of other uses.

8. Oust® Mini Air Sanitizer

The people at S.C. Johnson A Family Company made the right move in developing their popular Oust product in a travel size.  The .32oz canister is one of the smallest aerosol canisters I’ve seen on the market (theirs comes from Thailand), making it ultra-portable for using in smelly hotel rooms, bathrooms, or even at your own desk when other unpleasant odors permeate your work space.

9. Pop-up Hairbrush with Mirror

Another import from China, this innovative product is a folding circular pop-up hairbrush on one side and a mirror on the other.  The pop-up brush is what really makes this new product unique, allowing plastic bristles that you would normally find on a larger-sized hairbrush to be tucked away into a portable form.

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Paul Shrater is the Co-Founder of Minimus.biz, the world leader in all things travel-sized and individual-sized.  All of the featured products, and more, are available at the Minimus website. 

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